Specialty Produce Ordering Guidelines

Specialty Produce is both flown and trucked into our facility each week. We stock specialty produce based on individual customer movements. Customers can order specialty produce several ways. Orders received by Monday can be delivered to our warehouse the following Monday for delivery Tuesday to a customer. This produce is trucked to St. Louis and is very cost effective. With 48 hours notice or more, almost any specialty item can be flown into our facility and delivered, with the exception of Monday. The customer, though, must bear the additional costs of airfreight. Additionally, cargo is often “bumped” for priority products such as mail and flowers. Airfreight can be undependable during Holiday periods. Lastly, specialty produce can be direct shipped overnight to the customer, with an invoice to follow the next day.

Below is a list of commonly ordered and stocked items. The list is not exhaustive. Buyers should call to check for stock quantities and general availability. We also recommend that you check our website and the link to PRO*ACT’s harvestsensations.com website for more specialty produce information. Specialty produce that is generally stocked can be found under the heading “Specialty Stocked Items”. Customers are urged to call and confirm quantities for desired delivery dates. All other specialty produce can be special ordered and can be found listed under the heading “Special Order Items”

Orders Placed By 6:00 AM Received By Ole Tyme Delivery to Customer
Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Wednesday Thursday Friday
Thursday Friday Saturday/Monday
Friday Saturday Monday
Saturday Tuesday Wednesday
Sunday Tuesday Wednesday