Market Report - September 23, 2020

Weather Update

California: A strong high pressure system builds out west with dramatic warming. These growing conditions will only exacerbate the already rampant mold, mildew, disease, and insect pressure affecting most crops. Yields and overall quality will once again be impacted. Mexico: Seasonal temperatures with scattered showers and thunderstorms continue. Florida: Scattered showers look to continue into early next week followed by cooler temperatures and dry conditions next week.

Apples: High volume movement as retail and the USDA Farm to Families program continues.

Asparagus: Good steady supplies out of Peru and Mexico.

Avocado: Markets come off on Mexican 48s and larger. Harvest crews see an increase on 48s in the pack outs. Growers are transitioning into “Aventejada” crop. Peru has concluded their season and arrivals are quickly diminishing. California is on the decline and will have fruit available into the front part of October.

Bell Peppers: Good condition and quality. Lighter production due to previous heat.

Berries: Blackberries: The market is still fairly firm with numbers just beginning to pick up out of Mexico look for availability and price to get easier later this week. Blueberries: The pacific north west is finished. Waiting on Peruvian arrivals to pick up in volume. Market to stay firm and higher until Mexico begins in 2 to 3 weeks. Raspberries: Raspberries supplies are light, look for the market to remain firm with better availability later in this week. Strawberries: Markets are extremely tight due to the adverse weather. Look for the market to continue to be elevated and light into next week.

Broccoli: Recent heat waves have caused lower yields due to bad quality. Market is tight.

Brussels Sprouts: Steady supplies of quality product.

Carrots: Carrots are a very steady go on all pack styles save for the jumbos and cello carrots out of the West Coast. Look for this market to remain flat.

Cauliflower: Steady supplies continue out of the Salinas Valley and Santa Maria.

Celery: Better availability than other row crops. Better supplies are in Santa Maria/Oxnard. Large sizing as the best availability. Expect good supplies for the week.

Cherries: Good supplies. Markets steady. Offshore available.

Citrus: Lemons: Quality is fair out of the coastal district. Markets are steady. Fancy grade is holding firm. Choice market is holding steady. Reach out if interested in imports. Limes: Markets on 200’s are slightly coming off. 175’s and larger are still holding firm with light supplies. Quality is fair. Please place orders with lead time. Oranges: Valencia supplies on 88/113/138’s are getting tighter. Better supplies on 72’s and larger. Markets are active. Quality is fair. Place orders in advance.

Cucumbers: Cucumbers are producing well and overall good supplies continuing.

Eggplant: More production coming, anticipate lower markets.

Garlic: Steady supplies with California production continues. This market is steady.

Grapes: Autumn King greens in good production. Older varieties show some amber. Good supplies on red seedless.

Green Onions: Plenty of supplies coming out of Mexico is keeping the market steady.

Kale: The recent round of heat has caused some sun damage and lower shelf life.

Lettuce: Iceberg: Demand exceeds supplies on this commodity. Common defects include light weights, discoloration, and ribby. Sclerotinia is an issue that multiple suppliers are dealing with. This disease is breaking down the plants and shorter shelf life is the result. Expect light supplies for two weeks minimum. Lettuce Leaf: Romaine as well as hearts continue to be very light in availability. Green and red leaf has tightened up. Growers continue to deal with soil disease that has cut down yields and caused for shortages in product. Light supplies will continue for two weeks minimum. Demand will continue to exceed supplies. Tender Leaf: Supplies are light on spinach and cilantro. This will continue for seven to ten days.

Cantaloupe: Market remains active. Demand is strong and supplies are limited. Current size structure peaking on 9’s. Overall quality has been great with good sugars.

Honeydew: High demand. Supplies have tightened up. Size structure is peaking on 5’s. The melon market will remain active. Some relief expected as transition starts.

Watermelon: Market is steady on the west coast. Good availability on seedless watermelon. Mini melons however are very limited and in high demand.

Onions: Ample supplies of high quality storage onions are available from the northwest. USDA box program demand affects production time at the sheds.

Pears: Bartletts, Anjous, and Bosc all in new crop. Peaking on larger sizes.

Pineapples: Crown fruit is improving out of both coast, with steady markets. Crown-less fruit supplies are steady on the west, but snug on the east. Organics supplies are steady. Need orders in advance. Quality overall is looking nice.

Potatoes: Harvest of new crop Norkotahs is underway. Large bakers remain elevated but market is softening. Ample supplies of cartons. USDA box program limiting 5 lb bags.

Squash: Production coming through Nogales has started in a small way, and production out of Central CA continuing- good condition as demand has been steady and no old product.

Stone Fruit: Most shippers done on nectarines and peaches, plenty of plums available.

Tomatoes: Round and grape tomatoes have triggered escalators. Supplies are winding down and will continue to decline in October. Eastern regions are recovering from hurricane systems that have reduced yields. Western regions are ahead of schedule following weeks of triple digit weather. New crops in Mexico are starting to supplement the Fall season. Florida crops set for October are on track but supplies will be light. The market is up across the board. Quality is fair to good overall varying by region. Expect active markets through mid-October.