Ole Tyme Produce: Who We Are

Ole Tyme Produce: Who We Are

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Ole Tyme Produce is a 47 year old company. We started very small. My father started the business. His parents and grandparents had been in business. And today the core values of the company continue to be market leadership, high integrity, trust and community. What makes Ole Tyme different is that we have continued to expand and continue the tradition of those core values.

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In 2016, we built this ground up facility that was specifically designed for today's food safety, food defense and for a modern distribution center with every efficiency that technology would offer.

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One thing that we really encourage our sales staff here at Ole Tyme to do is to invite those customers. And we built this place for them. Our focus is on food safety. Our focus is on delivering a quality product to their facilities.

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The community part of our building is that it is open 24 hours a day. We offer our building for people to use for meetings. They can cook in the kitchen. They have a community training room that they can use. We see ourselves as steward of our customers products. This building is their building. Ole Tyme is a family company. We've built a culture where we have barbecues, where we have lunches together.

That's the way a customer wants us to operate.

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Big companies don't seem like they have any human nature to anything. It's all me, me, me. You know? Well, it can't be all me, me, me in my business. I don't feel it. I never have. You take pride in everyone. You do it great. And I feel like we do it as right as anybody.

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It is the company's stated goal to be a legacy company. We want it to run past the family, and I think we've produced something that will last. It's got the legs. It's got the foundation, And this state of the art building will take that next generation a long way down the road.