Our Facility

We are stewards of our customers' product. This building is their building.

A Facility Designed with Purpose

In 2016, Ole Tyme Produce built a custom, 60,000 square foot, state-of-the-art, distribution facility in St. Charles, MO specifically designed for today’s food safety and defense. Our facility is equipped with cutting edge technology with a focus on lowering our carbon footprint.

  • KE2 Therm technology allows for continuous monitoring of all cooler and freezer systems, and provides instant notification of any change in temperature outside of set parameters and/or potential mechanical issues with cooling equipment providing greater energy efficiencies.
  • Using Miatech’s ethylene removal system – ethylene is the natural gas released by ripening fruits and vegetables – and temperature-specific isolated storage zones help extend shelf life and avoid costly and wasteful spoilage.
  • Biometric access control is in use throughout the facility to ensure that only authorized persons can move throughout the warehouse and office/training center. Visitors, contractors, and truck drivers are required to electronically sign-in to secured areas, utilize photo identification badges, and be escorted throughout the facility.
  • The combined impact from motion sensor LED lighting, in-office and on-site recycling bins, and electric car charging stations effectively lower the facility’s energy consumption.

Our commitment to quality and security does not end when product leaves the walls of our facility. We extend the technology and vigilance to the trucks, as all are fitted with Electronic Logging Devices which continually read metrics including location, route, temperature, and engine/refer diagnostics. This allows us to track exactly when our customer’s delivery will arrive and ensures quality and safety in-transit. 

Safety is our Priority

Through a sophisticated series of processes and technology, our system of product transfer ensures the cold-chain is never broken and that our customers receive only the freshest and highest quality of products.

  • Products are off-loaded from their containing refrigerated trucks and transferred straight into a refrigerated staging area.
  • Product is then moved directly to a cooler outfitted with an ethylene removal system to slow ripening and prevent spoilage. Products are stored at the ideal temperature range for each product category.
  • Once selected, the product is moved back through the refrigerated staging area and into a refrigerated delivery truck to head out to our customers.
Worker walking through warehouse between rows of crates of produce
Working inspecting red potato

Customer Service Excellence

Our Customer Service Specialists are experts in superior customer care. Each of our customers is equipped with a designated Customer Service Specialist who is readily available to assist with any needs that may arise. They work proactively to create a simple, seamless experience from initiation of our partnership through the formation of a lasting, trusting and reliable relationship. Our goal is to create customers for life and we understand the importance of individualized and accessible service to the success of each customer.

“The produce purchased from Ole Tyme Produce is always fresh and expertly packaged. We—and our recipients—appreciate the high quality and variety of produce.”

Kristen Wild

Chief Executive Officer, Operation Food Search

“From the driver to the CEO they bend over backwards to meet your needs. One of the best vendors of any type we have. Highly recommend them.”

Scott Walker

President/CEO, LifeWiseSTL

“In these days of large corporations, it's nice to partner with a local family business. Their name says it all, Ole Tyme Produce, reminding you that their family grown business provides the kind of service you reminisce about from the past with quality grown and delivered products. Over 25 years we have come to count on their outstanding customer service, quality products, and their hospitality driven staff which has helped us grow our successful business. We appreciate their partnership, and we look forward to working together for many years to come.”

Gordon M

Owner/Operator, The Original Pancake House

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