Management Commitment Policy

Our promise to our team and our community

Management Commitment Policy

Ole Tyme Produce Inc. (a Missouri corporation) is committed to the safety, wellbeing, and satisfaction of its customers, employees, and vendor partners in the safe and responsible handling of fresh produce and perishable products. The company achieves this overarching goal by developing and maintaining exemplary food safety practices, policies, and procedures, adhering to local, state, and federal regulatory guidelines, produce industry best practices, customer specifications, and USDA produce standards.

Utilizing an approved third-party accredited auditing company, we measure adherence to food safety and food defense standards. Through independent training, consultants, and employee team meetings insights are provided for improvements to the Ole Tyme Produce SQF Food Safety Plan. SQF team members, staff, and outside contractors work jointly to provide best practice improvements to the SQF Food Safety Plan and are recorded on the SQF Plan Improvement Log. Further, tracking and trending of food quality and safety issues from grower/supplier to the end user consumer allows Ole Tyme Produce to improve its systems and processes through corrective actions and preventative actions (CAPA) minimizing negative impact and maximizing food safety and quality standards moving forward, aligning purchasing with the industry best grower/shippers.

All policies practices and procedures are reviewed and updated as needed when products or changes occur that impact the food safety system. The SQF Food Safety system is reviewed annually for revisions, improvements, and effectiveness by senior management, the SQF Practitioner and the SQF HACCP & Food Defense Team. All employees are trained at minimum annually on the SQF Food Safety system and as necessary when revisions occur impacting food safety. The President appoints a trained SQF Practitioner, who reports to the President, and ensures the integrity and continued operation of the SQF Food Safety system in the event of organizational or personnel changes at the company.

The importance of food safety cannot be overstated. To achieve the highest food safety practices, senior management shall annually commit adequate resources to all operational areas with food safety functions and this budgetary requirement shall be reviewed annually. Senior management believes food safety is more than a primary obligation, a promise to customers, and as such, must live in the daily culture of the company and activities of all employees. All employees of the organization are obligated to report any incident where food is compromised impacting food safety, food security, and/or food quality to their immediate supervisor. Employees are empowered to act immediately to resolve food safety issues once known within the scope of their work. All findings and resolutions will be reported, reviewed, and approved by senior management.

Joan Daleo

President & CEO

Ole Tyme Produce