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Pure Artisan Farmstead Goat Cheeses

Baetje Farms is located in Bloomsdale, MO. We have been manufacturing cheese and caring for our herd for over 10 years and have received education from both the Vermont Institute for Artisan Cheese as well as the University of Wisconsin. Our Head Cheese Maker has completed both the Cheesemaker’s certificate course as well as the Advanced Cheesemakers Certificate course in Vermont. We became a state licensed facility through the Missouri Milk Board in September 2007 and have recently won over 60 awards to date for our Artisan Cheese.

Many of the cheeses we produce are solely from our own herds milk and classified as “Pure Artisan Farmstead” goat cheeses. “Farmstead” signifies cheese made solely with milk from the cheese maker’s own animals. “Artisan” is a skilled manual worker or craftsman. So, in essence we produce our cheeses in an old world European style. Our cheese making facility is built to produce small quantities of cheese coupled with state of the art aging facilities. We use very fresh rennet and cultures that are imported from France and Denmark.

We believe the best cheese comes from the best milk and the best milk comes from animals that are in the best physical condition possible. Our dairy goats are not in tie stalls or kept in confinement and receive an unlimited supply of filtered spring water from a spring fed well here on our farm. Daily, they are fed locally grown alfalfa hay and all natural antibiotic free whole grain ration that has been custom prepared to our specifications.