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Who Are We?

You don’t last four generations in a family business without family values being of paramount importance. Hard work is one of those values. The business that the younger Bascianis enter is a far cry from their great-grandfather’s farm.

“BASCIANI FOODS” does everything. They grow all sizes of white mushrooms and exotics, they pack for national retail grocery store chains as well as for foodservice distributors, they have processing and storage facilities in Chicago and Minneapolis, they ship over a million pounds per week! In 1970, they, along with other investors, bought The Mushroom Canning Company. This was done to control an outlet for secondary product, enabling BASCIANI to provide fresh customers with the highest quality prime products on the market.

Becoming #1 is a goal, but not an obsession. “Bigger isn’t always better,” Basciani says, “But if you constantly strive to be better… bigger just seems to follow.”