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About Boskovich Farms

Stephen Boskovich began farming in Southern California’s San Fernando Valley, and he sold his crops at the Los Angeles Wholesale Market. He and his wife, Eva had five children that all grew up helping out on the home ranch. Boskovich Farms has grown to producing over 30 different vegetable crops, twelve months of the year, from four locations in California, Arizona and Mexico. It remains a family business with the fourth generation growing and continuing with Stephen’s legacy. We grow on more than 16,000 acres in California and Mexico, producing about 30 different vegetable crops year-round, with shipping points also in Salinas, California, and Yuma, Arizona.

At Boskovich Farms, we recognize the importance of providing safe, top quality products. Therefore, we continually strive to maintain the highest standards for a first-rate food safety program. Our vertical integration allows greater control over each aspect of our food safety and sanitation practices, including: field history, growing, harvesting, cooling, processing, packing and distribution.

Over the years, Boskovich Farms has built a reputation based on quality, integrity and our ability to deliver the finest produce in North America. From planting through shipping, we monitor and oversee every one of our products and perform the job in-house. That’s why we’re an industry leader in things like green onions, radishes, cilantro and spinach.

After all, in the nine decades we’ve been in business, our customers have come to expect a certain level of quality from produce labeled Boskovich. We’re dedicated to making sure they get it.