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Our Heritage

In 1904, friends and brothers-in-law, Joseph “Ed” Reiter and Richard “Dick” Driscoll begin production of their delicious “Sweet Briar” strawberries in the Pajaro Valley. In the 1940’s, Ned and Donald Driscoll, Kenneth Sheehy, T.B. Porter, M.W. Johnson, and Joe Reiter found The Strawberry Institute. The group dedicates itself to researching and breeding superior varieties of strawberries. The first Driscoll’s independent growers, brothers Robert and Terry Sheehy, begin growing in Santa Maria, California. In 1950, Driscoll Strawberry Associates, Inc. is founded selling premium, fresh, California strawberries. In 1958, the first patented strawberry variety, “Z5A,” extends the season and allows the fruit to be shipped long distances. This variety establishes Driscoll’s as the fresh berry leader.

Through the 1960’s, the Strawberry Institute and Driscoll Strawberry Associates, Inc. merge. The combined new company is dedicated to research, breeding, production, sales, and distribution. In the 1970’s, Driscoll’s grower owners start shipping under a common label.

Growing the finest berries in the world requires care, commitment and dedication. Driscoll’s patented berry varieties are primarily developed through years of research using only natural breeding methods. Our berries are grown with great care by our farmers, hand-picked, then carefully packed in the field to ship, all to ensure freshness and quality.