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1885 and Beyond

The Thies Family Farm history dates back to 1885 and began with the patriarch, Henry William Thies. Henry had seven sons, two of them died at an early age. Henry bought the five remaining sons ten acres of ground each to farm in North St. Louis County. Henry started a truck farm so they could grow and raise fruits and vegetables to take to the produce market in downtown St. Louis!

Although our mission and passion for farming is the same as it was over 100 years ago, the Thies Farm and Market of today is vastly different from the Thies Farm of 1885. The business has expanded and diversified, and Thies Farm and Market in Maryland Heights is now owned and operated by its fifth generation, Darrell Thies and his wife Cindy. A lifetime of growing experience enables Thies Farm and Market to produce the best quality and flavor in both fruits and vegetables. Along with caring for and cultivating our produce, we also love to cultivate and care for our friends and customers!