Fruits and Vegetables

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

We receive California and Florida fresh produce each Sunday and Thursday evenings. All produce is pre-booked and inspected prior to loading. This produce is then re-inspected at our docks. Ole Tyme has always promoted and sold first quality labels. Leaf products are purchased from D’Arrigo. Strawberries are Driscoll label. Dole and Del Monte are our banana labels. Citrus products are Sunkist, both choice and fancy varieties. Grimmway Farms California carrots are standard. Field Fresh Conventional Spring Mix and Spinach is available year-round. Calvo is our avocado label and Dole is our banana label, to name just a few.

Ole Tyme supports and maintains a heavy emphasis on local farming. In partnership with Greener Fields Together, Ole Tyme brings fresh, locally grown product directly to the restaurant back door. These farms have good agricultural practices (GAP) and sustainable farming practices. The local produce calendar is displayed online. Further information can be obtained from your representative.