Produce and Grocery for Government Entities

Specification Driven

We understand that government contracts require a high level of specification and precision. Our government partners are unique in that they are exceptionally streamlined due to their size, and must be handled by sophisticated systems and processes. We can appreciate the requirements that must be met and adhered to including proof of delivery, merchandising, and audits. As a company that is specification driven including our SQF certification plan, Ole Tyme Produce is equipped to meet and even exceed these expectations. We operate in real time with a skill set that collectively feeds into the ideas and the way government business runs. Ole Tyme possesses a track record of experience that proves we are well-positioned to handle these accounts.


  • Customized quantities to meet client’s individual business needs.
  • Premium Brands including Driscolls, Dole, D’Arrigo Brothers, Taylor Farms, Rainier, Basciani Foods, and Sunkist.
  • Comprehensive Source for everything you need for a well-balanced, delicious, and diverse menu including: Produce, Specialty Produce, Specialty Italian Products, Dairy, Frozen, Grocery, Proteins, and Dry Goods.
  • Fresh cut-ups and custom cuts.
  • Unique products to support dietary requirements including gluten-free, vegan, organic, and clean-label items.


  • Customized delivery schedule to meet client’s individual business needs.
  • ELD monitoring to track deliveries and alert customers to any unexpected changes in the schedule.

Personal Service

  • Live, on-site Customer Service in direct communication with our customers, our buyers, our warehouse crew, and our delivery drivers.
  • Convenient ordering options: online, phone, or email.
  • Resources including weekly market reports, product alerts, and new promotions.

Food Safety

  • Product tracking from the field to the customer.
  • Annual, third-party food safety audits and SQF (Safe Quality Food) excellence certifications posted on our website.

A state-of-the-art facility designed to keep food safe through:

  • Constant digital monitoring of temperatures within a tenth of a degree.
  • Refrigerated trucks and sealed shipping docks maintain the cold chain, ensuring safe products and preserving their shelf life.

Local Community

  • A St. Louis company since 1973.
  • Customers are welcome to visit and tour our facility anytime.
  • On-site Training and Conference Room (with full kitchen) available for customer use.
  • Offering locally-grown produce and products including Cahokia Rice, Baetje Cheese and Stuckmeyer Farm.


  • Combining the personal service and community connection of a local distributor with the product availability and pricing of a national operator.
  • Green Business Bureau Certified.
  • Woman Owned Business Certified.
  • Avendra Produce Alliance approved vendor.

Our Certifications

OTP PDF for Government Entities

How We Serve in Government

At Ole Tyme Produce we are accustomed to the necessity of streamlined processes and operational precision that are required by our government partners. Being a specification driven company allows us to easily integrate with the systems of our government entities to provide superior service and products. View our sell sheet for government entities for additional information.