Knowing your business, is our business

Who We Serve

Ole Tyme Produce serves businesses, organizations, and institutions of all sizes and across multiple industries. From our government partners to the local grab 'n go market, we understand what is required of us to ensure that each one succeeds in providing quality, fresh products and service.

chef with gloves cutting vegetables indoors in restaurant kitchen


Operating a restaurant is a personal business; the best restaurants are welcoming people into their home. We believe in meeting restaurant owners and operators in their space to best understand their product needs and requirements. Ole Tyme Produce provides direct sales representatives who are easily accessible so that our restaurant customers can best serve their customers.

Doctors Catching Up over coffee

Healthcare & Senior Living

When we think of healthcare, we think of precision, safety, HACCP. Our facility was purposefully envisioned, designed, and built with these food safety criteria at the forefront. We run on the same platforms as healthcare in terms of adhering to the most stringent policies and procedures to ensure safe food handling and the maintenance of safety throughout the supply chain. We know that our commitment to food safety is the most critical element in distribution to these customers. Our facility and the operation of an SQF certified building is the most effective way in which we deliver on this promise.

Dinner lady serving kids in a school cafeteria

Schools and Institutions

Some of Ole Tyme Produce’s very first wholesale business was partnering with schools, dating back almost 50 years. With such an extensive history working with these institutions, we understand the importance of timely delivery and in-stock products due to the limited window of delivery days these institutions have for receiving, processing and serving. We view our partnership with schools like one may feel about their first child – the beginning; our roots.

Chef cook preparing vegetables in kitchen


At Ole Tyme Produce, we know that Hospitality requires a partner who is attentive and shares their foundational philosophies in relation to service. In 1993 we were awarded our first national account with Marriott. From this initiation into hospitality, we studied in depth how we can mimic exceptional service on the back end so that it shows up on the front and have been serving this industry ever since. For these partners, we know that service is their calling card. It is about listening to what customers want and envisioning what they may not have thought of yet – a model in which we have built our company around. Our customers have driven us to the places we have gone, and hospitality continues to lead that drive.

Female owner checking inventory at store

Retail Distribution

Ole Tyme Produce was birthed in retail and remained solely in this space for 10 years prior to the addition of wholesale business. Having been in retail for such an extensive time, we have a deep understanding of the cost of doing business for these customers, as well as the challenges and requirements they face in labor, inventory, safety, and compliance. Present day retail partners are facing even greater risks and likely carry concern for who is backing into their docks/locations. This is why having a partner you can trust is imperative. We also understand that retail product needs to be exceptional in appearance, i.e. it needs to look good! Our current retail business is comprised of custom partnerships, including many smaller retailers local to this community, with the capacity for endless possibilities in the future.

MO gov building


We understand that government contracts require a high level of specification and precision. Our government partners are unique in that they are exceptionally streamlined due to their size, and must be handled by sophisticated systems and processes. We can appreciate the requirements that must be met and adhered to including proof of delivery, merchandising, and audits. As a company that is specification driven including our SQF certification plan, Ole Tyme Produce is equipped to meet and even exceed these expectations. We operate in real time with a skill set that collectively feeds into the ideas and the way government business runs. Ole Tyme possesses a track record of experience that proves we are well-positioned to handle these accounts.

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